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What we do?

PSPR-3D-Tech team consists of engineers, medical doctors and certified prosthetists who together are providing innovative solutions for mechanical design, documentation, computer aided design modeling and drawing services for various engineering sectors including medical devices, mechanical machines, tooling and additive manufacturing.

Technologies (patents filed) available for transfer:

  • A reverse engineering workbench for digital imaging of residual limb of an amputee (Srinivasa Prakash Regalla and Prakash Narayan Shrivastava, “Method and System to Generate Personalized Data for Prosthetic Manufacturing”, Final Indian patent application filed, Application No. 4219/CHE/2015)

  • Technology for design and manufacturing of novel high comfort, affordable 3D-printed below-knee prostheses; two variants, namely, (1) ISOS prosthesis, and (2) Sukhfit prosthesis; more than 25 patients are currently wearing our prostheses and are productively rehabilitated; the technology was developed with support from DBT/BIRAC/BIG grant (Srinivasa Prakash Regalla and Prakash Narayan Shrivastava, "A PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A PROSTHETIC LIMB SOCKET AND THE SOCKET THEREOF", Indian Final Patent Application No. 201841035329, Date of Filing: September 19, 2018.)

  • Novel deep-drawing tooling for manufacturing tailor-welded blanks (V.V.N. Satya Suresh and Srinivasa Prakash Regalla, “A Novel Deep Drawing Tooling with Selective Heating and Cooling for Tailor Welded Blanks (TWBs)”, (Final patent application filed), Application No. 4038/CHE/2015)

  • Below-knee prosthesis flexible pylon for any time correction in the length of the below-knee prosthesis 


  • Mechanical design and modeling
  • Below-knee-prostheses
  • Design CAD documentation
  • Engineering and Technology Consulting